Responsible tourism

As good citizens we are aware of our responsibilities, we are clear in our purpose of sustainable operations.

We want to provide tours that acknowledge and respect everyone in the community around us and contribute to making this an exceptional place for people to live, work and visit. -Tiaki– our duty of care for people and place.

Our Promise:

We are passionate about our environment in which we live and work. Our goals are to preserve the environment, keeping our connections with the community alive –Kaitiakitanga .

We take our responsibilities to the environment, local communities, customers, partners and employees very seriously and constantly review our policies and strive to make improvements where we can.

How we try to minimise our impact on the environment:

  • By using a “lite” foot when driving, minimising fuel consumption.
  • By planning our journeys to ensure efficiency.
  • By using biodegradable cleaning products.
  • By having everyone involved in our business promoting and doing responsible travel and encouraging our guests to embrace responsible travel principles.
  • By asking all guests that waste should never be thrown away.
  • By avoiding wasting paper in the office and using the internet as the main form of communication.
  • By keeping up to date with developments and new products that appear in the industry that minimise negative impact on the environment.
  • By encouraging our guest to stay longer in the area and try local businesses

Pegasus Golf & Sports Club Native Planting program

We support Pegasus Golf & Sports Club’s native planting program by purchasing and supplying plants sourced locally.

We set time aside to help with the planting program on the course.

We provide guests the option of purchasing plants to also support this program.

North Canterbury Wine Region

We work with wineries in North Canterbury that respect their environment and community.

Of course, tourism contributes to climate change. so we’ve added some tips to help you reduce the carbon impacts of your holidays.

  • Choose your destination wisely
  • Fly economy
  • Fly direct
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